Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Fulter is a young company but all its areas and offices count on highly qualified and experienced personnel with a corporate culture that aims for each employee to assume responsibility, accountability and adherence to rigorous ethical standards. Our principles go beyond legal regulations in order to ensure that all our personnel always behave in a way that is consistent with both morality and the law in force.

The Executive Management of Fulter Logistics has written this code of conduct, very much aware of its responsibilities towards customers, business partners, employees, the general public and the environment. This code is mandatory for our employees.

The code of conduct is based on our corporate values: professionalism, integrity, proactivity and ethics.

Fulter is expressly committed to building personal relationships that promote a long-term business partnership based on trust. We hope that the behavior of all our employees in their personal interaction with each other, as well as in their business activities, is in accordance with our principles and values. In this context, all our Managing Directors and Managers play a key role. They are expected to serve as role models in that capacity, by firmly supporting the company’s values and principles. As a point of reference for employees, we would like to explicitly highlight in this code of conduct a series of specific standards.


I – Standards of personal conduct

  1. Appearance and behavior

Every day, we deal with clients who entrust their valuable goods to us, subject to strict deadlines. Clients have the right to be treated efficiently, respectfully and with celerity. Telephone conversations, face to face meetings and mail in writing should be dealt with in a friendly and appropriate manner. The dress code at work should respect the customs of each country. For this reason, the use of sports and informal clothing is not allowed during work hours.


  1. Discrimination and harassment

All employees, customers and suppliers have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, religion or other beliefs. For this purpose, we provide our employees with a work environment free of harassment and discrimination. Similarly, decisions related to staff are made based on their qualifications, experience and other professional criteria.


Business Operations 


  1. Gifts and perquisites

We ensure transparency in all business deals with our customers, suppliers and authorities. Business decisions can only be based on quality and performance criteria and must be objectively justified in all cases. International standards for fighting corruption are legally binding. As a matter of principle, it is therefore prohibited to request gifts of any kind, as well as the offer or acceptance of inappropriate perquisites when a business relationship already exists or when the other party seeks to establish it, and such gifts could influence their decision in the matter. The offer or acceptance of gifts is only allowed if it does not go in any way against legal regulations and if the proportionality principle is respected.


  1. Conflicts of interest

Each employee must avoid direct or probable conflicts of interest; conflicts of interest can influence decision making and the integrity of the people involved. As a company, however, we encourage our employees to enjoy an active social life, including active participation in professional associations.


  1.  Health and Safety

We provide a work environment that protects the health and safety of our employees to the best of our ability. In return, we ask our employees to comply with safety and hygiene standards and practices. The Managing Director must be informed about occupational accidents as well as working conditions or equipment that may be dangerous. We do not tolerate violence of any kind or work under the influence of alcohol and other substances.


  1. Data Protection

We give priority to the protection of personal data. Each employee has the right to review the personal data Fulter has of him or her and to correct them at any time.


  1. Confidential Information

In daily business operations, we trust our employees with sensitive, protected information as stipulated in the employment contract. Any order or work-related information provided by clients is confidential and cannot be transmitted to unauthorized parties.


  1. Fulter’s property and rights

We provide all our employees with the necessary work material and equipment and they must use those resources responsibly. In addition to material assets, we have at our disposal certain rights and licenses, for example, trademarks. The unauthorized use of Fulter’s intellectual property is prohibited.


  1. Accounting

We are committed to ensuring that all relevant accounting documents comply with legal and professional standards regarding accuracy and reliability and that all transactions are properly recorded.


  1. Official Authorities

We work together with official authorities in a positive and collaborative manner on the basis of the legislation in force in each country.


  1. Media

As a Regional company, our focus is on trust-based cooperation. The public perception of our company is influenced by both our employees and the media. In order to support the company’s positive image in the media, it is therefore essential to show a consistent image in them and work together in a professional manner. For this reason, every publication must be agreed in advance with the Marketing and communication area.


Final Comments

This code of conduct applies to employees, managers and Managing Directors as a key element of our daily business activities; this code is part of work relationships. We expect all Fulter employees to align their behavior and actions with this code of conduct.

In the event that an employee is affected by another member of Fulter personnel who infringes or violates these rules or is aware of such infringement or violation, he or she may inform the Managing Director, his/her manager, supervisor, or other member of the management staff.

These contact partners will deal with all duly substantiated issues with absolute confidentiality and will make every effort to find a solution. An employee may also choose to use an irregularity reporting system that is governed, among others, by the principles of fairness, presumption of innocence, proportionality and protection of the identity of the informant. The information received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

This code of conduct complements the legal regulations in each country. It is also applicable when the stipulations contained in it are broader than the specific national standards. In case national regulations in a particular country are stricter than this code of conduct, national laws will apply. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction or violation, violations of this code of conduct will be resolved in the labor courts. The legal consequences will be applicable when the laws of the respective country are infringed or violated.

These corporate values represent an essential part of Fulter. In the spirit of these principles, the standards established herein seek to provide support and guidelines for all of us, both in our business activities and in our interpersonal relationships. After all, it is through the behavior of each member at Fulter that our corporate values are put into practice.

Fulter Executive Director.

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